Sherline CNC Rotary Tables

Sherline offers one of the finest small rotary tables on the market. It is available in manual or stepper motor drive modes. It can even be purchased with its one controller to be used as a programmable indexer. Below are links to the pages on the various versions of the Sherline 4″ rotary table. The table is driven by a worm gear with a 72:1 ratio making each turn of the handwheel equal to 5°. Fifty laser engraved handwheel marks indicate positions 1/10 of a degree apart. A 90° fixture is available to position the table in a vertical position. Our P/N 3750 Tilting Angle Table is also available for positioning at any angle from 0° to 90°.


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4″ CNC-Ready Rotary Tables

P/N 3700-CNC 4″ CNC-Ready rotary table with stepper motor mount: In place of the manual handwheel, a NEMA 23 stepper motor mount is attached, allowing use of the rotary table as a 4th axis on Sherline CNC mills or for whatever CNC application a customer may have where a small but accurate rotary table is needed. Read more about the Sherline CNC-Ready rotary table.

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4″ CNC Rotary Tables

P/N 8730 4″ CNC rotary table with stepper motor mount and NEMA 23 stepper motor: This takes the above rotary table one step further with the inclusion of Sherline’s own NEMA 23 stepper motor already attached to the rotary table and including a 5-pin plug that connects directly to the Sherline 8760 4-axis driver box. Read more about the Sherline CNC rotary table with stepper motor.

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Programmable Rotary Indexer

Sherline offers the answer to your small rotary indexer needs by providing a programmable control box with its own power supply and driver for running the rotary table. Inputs can be entered by either degrees (to 3 decimal points) or by divisions of a circle (up to 999 divisions). Also programmable are the direction of rotation, the speed of rotation and backlash compensation. In the PROGRAM mode, two different programs of up to 40 blocks each can be entered that control rotation speed, direction and degrees or divisions plus the option to continue or pause at the end of each block. Read more about the Sherline programmable rotary indexer.